Protecting IP of webapps

Big thanks to all the developers in the Jupyter Community for enabling this entire environment. I have been developing web apps for some time now, and I really want to learn how we can protect the IP of web apps and then be shared with others.

The idea is to:

  1. Develop Web apps
  2. Share with others with a click of a button for deploying via Voila

Hm… this is rather vague. If you mean

  • intellectual property, then voila on a private server is presently your best bet.
    • If the existing safeguards (no execute_request, no access to the underlying notebook) are insufficient, you’ll probably want to open an issue on the voila repository itself (though maybe check for outstanding issues)
    • If you allow arbitrary applications to be deployed then… no. Kernels are, by design, remote-code-execution-as-a-service, and might have access to privileged information on the server without additional layers of protection (containers, chroot jails, VMs, etc)
  • Internet Protocol address, then… no.
    • In order to connect to a voila endpoint, it will be resolved by the client’s Domain Name Service, but ultimately requires the IP address of the running voila server

Thanks for your reply!

Perhaps I should have been clearer. We are looking to develop webapps and want to protect Intellectual Property (IP) of the webapp codes. I think we have found a way to encrypt & decrypt the codes but would be open to listening to more ideas.

The intention of this is to enable users with no / low code interactive webapps for solutions that weren’t easily available for building Chemical Processes.