Running voila on private server

Hi! I’m still having trouble getting the configuration correct to run voila with apache, and I was wondering if in order for voila to work correctly (and find all the static files) it’s location has to be on the root of the server. Does anyone know about this?

No, you can use the config file to set the base path
c.JupyterHub.base_url = ‘/voila’

I gave up on apache a long time ago, I prefer nginx and running everything in Docker.


Thanks very much for your help Mark! I can understand why you switched to nginx and Docker. I’ve since discovered that I can probably use a local JupyterHub and can forget about apache as well :slight_smile:



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Yes, if you’re just running it locally you can even run voila from Jupyter, after you install voila into your Jupyter environment there is a button to switch to Viola with your current notebook.