Problems running Jupyter in VSC on windows ARM tablet

I recently installed
python 3.11.2 on a surface pro with ARM CPU running windows 11 home
I also installed VSC version 1.75.1 (no update available)
I’m able to run python in the terminal or as a .py file.

I installed jupyter through the command ‘pip install jupyter’ with no problems reported.
I can create a new jupyter notebook it’s setup to run the python interpreter.
However when I try to run any simple cell, like either ‘2+2’ or 'print(‘hello’) I get an error:

Failed to start the Kernel.
Jupyter server crashed. Unable to connect.
Error code from Jupyter: 1
<output of jupyter -h>
Jupyter command jupyter-notebook not found.

What am I not doing right.
Does Jupyter run on Windows ARM based devices?