Notebook Kernell in VSC endlessly loading

Hi everyone

I am a student and we use Visual Studio Code and mainly python to code. Recently we also started using the jupyter notebook extension for VSC and we use a venv (Python 3.12.2) from our teachers as the main kernel. Everything worked perfectly fine untill today. Now here’s the problem:
When i run a cell in my jupyter notebook there seems to be a problem connecting to the kernel. The little bar in the bottem right appears and starts endlessly loading.

I have tried all of my different kernels that I used and always worked so far and restarted everything multiple times but nothing seems to help. When I try to interrupt or restart the kernel, the same problem appears, just endless loading.
My whole class workes with the same VSC, Python, Jupyter Notebook and kernel Version and no one else has seems to have any problems.

Can anyone help me fix this problem?
Many thanks in advance!