Per group custom resources in Swarmspawner

Hi all, I am using Swarmspawner( in my jupyterhub. Now whenever i am spawning a new server from an image , I want to allocate a certain amount of memory to it . Now I have got multiple images.Each one of them will have different memory allocation.I am using the image in this way
c.Swarmspawner.dockerimages=[{‘image’: ‘,
‘name’: ‘’},
{‘image’: ‘’,
‘name’ :’’}
So is there any way I can add the memory allocation specification inside this dictionary for each image?I mean is it even possible?If not, then any other way it can be achived? I am kinda new to jupyterhub , so pardon me if this question sounds naive :slight_smile: . Thanks in advance.

hey guys, can anyone say if its possible or not?? Will appreciate it very much :slightly_smiling_face:

You might be able to do it with wrapspawner:
I don’t have any experience of it myself.

Thanks @manics…will look into that :slightly_smiling_face: