Resource Allocation Logic

Hi all,

Can some one point me to how the resource allocation in Hub is done? I assume I can provide some limits while creating. But how does this work.

For example, if I request a notebook for 4GB RAM and 1 GPU( Can’t do fractional) and I’m using only 2GB of RAM, will the 2GB RAM be allocated to another notebook requestor?

Hi! It depends on the spawner you’re using. Some spawners take account of your resource requests, others ignore it completely.

Hi, What all type of spawners are there? I didn’t see any resource for the same?

All I see is some custom docker images which we can add for each user and resource limits. This dynamic resource allocation is this something new?

There are some technical details for how spawners work, including on resource limits, here: Spawners — JupyterHub 2.3.1 documentation