Customized resource (CPU/Memory) allocation in TLJH systemdspawner

Greetings TLJH community,

My jupyterhub is working fine, but there is a requirement to allocate cpu/memory based on user and differentiate between professor and students. I have tried it using pre_spawn_hook but I am unable to execute it. The below image represents my config file, highlighted in blue represents relavant script

I have created the groups in a separate file called in jupyterhub_config.d folder. Below represents the script.

c.JupyterHub.load_groups = {
“teachers”: [“teacher1”, “teacher2”,],
“students”: [“student1”, “student2”, “…”],

All I am trying to do is allocate fewer resources to students and more to professors. Can you guys please help me how to connect? If there are other solutions please tell.

Thank you,