Pb How to Choose user interface i want notebook not the jupyter lab

Hi, i want the classic notebook interface when i open my binder page
The doc recommand to replace lab by tree but i have tree ?
but i dont’ see that in my url …(i’m new in binder )
Thanks for help

It can take some sorting to get this working. Part of the reasons is there’s actually multiple ways. Plus, there’s the escaping URLs.
This post is the current one to reference for doing this. Actually since you want a specific notebook, it is easier.

Assuming I have the correct repo and notebook you want to launch (see below), this would be the URL to use to open that notebook in the classic interface directly from launch:


For now, replacing filepath= with urlpath=%2Fnotebooks%2F also works. (Test illustrating that.) What you don’t want anywhere, is labpath that the mybinder.org form would give you by default; labpath is the current signal for JupyterLab involvement.

Hopefully that is what you seek. You can model others after it.
I try to keep a page illustrating the options here; feel free to refer to it when trying to adapt yours.

If you wanted to get to the classic Jupyter notebook dashboard where you can upload files, you could involve tree in the URL.

Minor thing:

That link was to an actual running session that expired. When sharing URLs to get help troubleshooting your binder that sort of link ends up not being very helpful because that session will have expired and be gone unless you are sharing it with someone connecting to it at the same time as you. You want to either share the repo you are working from or the link that will launch a new active session, like what you are seeking with your post. Preferably include both of these as it saves time for those trying to help you. However, at least one is most helpful.

Actually your example and username really shows why this is important. Your username on Discourse and your username on Github are not the same. So I couldn’t find your repo that way. Your username doesn’t show in the URL you provided. Closest thing was fredericfoulonl which is truncated version of your username. Luckily you said your link happened to be at Gesis and I know it is possible to search launches from the last 24 hours there and so I was able to find your username. However, none of your nine public repos here match specifically with what I had seen you were trying to use. Though that may be the system at Gesis giving things unique tags to be distinguishable. Anyway, this one looks close enough: fredericfoulonlycee/PythonStage. A that one has a requirements.txt file and so I am going to give you examples above based on that. Hopefully this illustrates why it’s not easy without the specific links.
It’s a minor thing. This also takes some time to work out; I messed it up often when learning.

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