Binderhub with authentication uses older Jupyterhub layout


I’ve set up Binderhub at our university with AzureAD authentication and it seems to work well so far.
Only thing I’ve noticed is that as soon as I enabled Authentication, the default layout changed.
Now after launching a server, it uses the older /tree layout instead of the /lab layout.

We can access the lab layout by changing the url at the end to “/lab” instead of “/tree”, so it’s not a big deal. Is it possible to make this the default layout somehow?

When run without auth, BinderHub launches a custom entry point of the original Jupyter notebook server. With auth, it doesn’t override the command, so it launches the default jupyterhub-singleuser, and you can tell it to launch with lab by setting the command to launch via jupyterhub config:

    cmd: jupyter-labhub

Thank you! That worked!