Using Jupyter notebook in Binder

I’m trying to launch Jupyter Notebooks to run them online using Binder but every time I try it just opens a Jupyterlab instead. I’ve seen on the documentation that you can add \tree\ in your URL to use the classic jupyter notebook interface, but "\tree" is already in the URL I’m using. Furthermore, If I change \tree\ with \lab\ I get Error 403 (Forbidden). I’ve seen some examples online where Jupyter Notebooks were executed this way (and I get the desired result using the link they provided), but when I tryied launching a new Binder using the same repository that was used to make this examples, Jupyter Lab is opened instead and I get the same problems.

I’d like to know if you are familiar with these problems or if there’d be any solution.

It looks like you’ve seen the posts on how to make it work so it launches into the classic notebook interface? I’ll link again here since others may get here before the older post now. Essentially see my last two posts at the bottom here for the current situation and examples, and links to the related announcement of when JupyterLab became the default interface to open.

Because it is easy to share repository links since things have to be public for the public MyBinder to work, I assume you can provide examples if you are still having issues? I usually can sort out the links needed.

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As you stated on that post, changing “labpath” to “filepath” on the link that Binder provides to share your code worked perfectly to execute the code on the classic jupyter notebook environment. Thank you for your fast reply and your help.

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