Participate in a JupyterLab accessibility study!

As a part of the CZI/Quansight Labs’ grant work to improve JupyterLab’s accessibility, we are coordinating paid user research to learn more about how usable JupyterLab and Jupyter notebooks are for people who use accessibility accommodations. All results will be made open to the public as a part of the Jupyter community.

If this sounds perfect for you, please fill out the participant interest form so I can contact you.

We are looking for the following in participants:

  • They use accessibility accommodations (this does not strictly need to be assistive tech, but absolutely could be).
  • They have some familiarity with Jupyter notebooks or JupyterLab. Ideally they would be comfortable completing tasks in those spaces.
  • They have any perceived skill level working in Jupyter tools.
  • They can be available for a one-hour session of completing tasks in JupyterLab while observed.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.


The results for this study are now public! Please feel free to give some or all of it read if you are interested.

Thank you to everyone who helped me set up sessions and recruit participants. As always, this is a community effort and I am grateful. :sunflower:

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