[DRAFT] Blog post: CZI awards three EOSS grants to Jupyter community members

The Jupyter community recently received several awards as part of CZI’s Essential Open Source Software grant series. We should write up a short blog post that highlights these awards and gives recognition to the groups that stewarded them!

Here’s draft copy (below) for a blog post that I’d like to post on the Jupyter blog. Sharing the language here in case others have feedback or comment (particularly @trallard and @carreau who were leads on two of the awards!)

Questions for others

(in particular, @trallard , @carreau , @isabela-pf , @tonyfast , @sgibson91 )

  • Are we missing any important points below?
  • Is there anybody we should thank that we haven’t mentioned below?
  • Am I appropriately characterizing the work that’ll be done in the accessibility/documentation grants?
  • Are there any links or action-items that I am missing below?

Jupyter receives three CZI EOSS awards :tada:

The Jupyter community is pleased to announce that members of its community have received three awards from the CZI Essential Open Source Software grant series. This grant series has previously funded work in the Jupyter ecosystem such as real-time collaboration in JupyterLab and JupyterHub’s Contributor in Residence pilot. Read below for a brief overview of the recently-funded proposals!

Accessibility in Jupyter

One of the biggest challenges in building complex web-based applications is ensuring that they are accessible to a broad and diverse audience of users. Improving accessibility requires dedicated time and significant expertise in understanding the major challenges to overcome. @trallard, @isabela-pf, and @tonyfast were recently awarded an EOSS award to dedicate time and development towards making Jupyter tools more accessible. You can follow some of their work in the Accessibility repository and see the original text of this proposal here. This grant will be led and administered by the team at QuanSight Labs.

Interactive documentation

Because Jupyter is a dynamic and web-based interface, you can do a lot more with interactive documentation than is possible on traditional static websites. @carreau was awarded an EOSS grant to improve the state of interactive documentation within Jupyter. You can check out some of his early ideas in this blog post. This grant will be led and administered by the team at QuanSight Labs.

Community strategic support for JupyterHub

The JupyterHub community built off of its Contributor in Residence pilot to propose a dedicated role for designing and developing community strategy for the JupyterHub sub-project. This role will spearhead efforts to ensure that there are inclusive and effective pathways into and throughout the JupyterHub community, with the goal of sharing some best-practices with others in Jupyter and in the broader PyData ecosystem. This effort was led by @choldgraf and @sgibson91 (and Sarah will serve as our community strategic lead during this proposal!). You can follow along with this work in the JupyterHub Team Compass and find the original text of this proposal here. This grant will be led by members of the 2i2c team and administered by NumFocus.

Congrats to the recipients of these awards, we’re excited to see what comes out of this work! And many thanks to all of the community members that helped write and refine these proposals.


That looks good to me 2 questions:

  • Are a grant and an award the same ? For me CZI EOSS Awards is a recognition of past work, but being awarded a grant, is being given money for future work. Maybe that’s just me being non english native ?

  • Should we mention that money is through NF/Quansight for transparency and recognising the work of the organisation handling all the logistic ?

Thanks for doing this !

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Good point - I’ll update to try and make it clear they are grants, and agree we should recognize the host organizations to give them credit for the work they’re doing here

This looks good to me! Thank you so much for writing this up and tagging everyone.

If you want, you can link to the proposal for the accessibility grant as well.

Looks good to me! Thank you for putting this together!

:clap: this all looks pretty good, thanks for putting this together @choldgraf

Hey all - I’ve incorporated some edits after suggestions from folks, and have put a draft of the blog post on the Jupyter blog here:


I welcome feedback and suggested edits! If I hear no objections, I’ll plan to post on Wednesday.



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