Letters of intent for a couple CZI EOSS grants

Hey all - at the last JupyterHub team meeting we discussed a few proposals that we’d like to pitch to CZI for this round of EOSS! You can find an issue with our latest thinking here:

We’re imagining two potential proposals:

  1. An extension of our original Contributor in Residence pilot to include a year of Outreachy interns in Y1 as well as part of a community advocate. In Y2 one of those interns will be a Contributor in Residence
  2. A role to facilitate cross-project coordination for cloud deployments between the JupyterHub ecosystem and adjacent projects like Dask on Kubernetes.

Please do chime in with ideas or suggestions!

Ping @jasongrout who mentioned that he was working on something around community management? I think that this might be related to the “community advocate” position we were pitching in the DEI-focused JupyterHub grant. Maybe we should coordinate a bit?