Paid or free options for remotely accessing JupyterHub with token

hey, I need to connect JupyterHub remotely from VS Code and i want to get a JupyterHub access token. Thanks

Would not be easier for JupyterHub to provide you with a VS Code on the web browser? GitHub - coder/code-server: VS Code in the browser

This is not my use case, I work on a docker compose with code-server, questDB and Grafana installed on a HP microserver gen8 with ubuntu server. I have already tested the docker compose with JupyterHub installed on my GPU Server. I ask the question for users who do not have access to JupyterHub.

JupyterHub has a /hub/tokens page for issuing and managing tokens. If you issue a token here, you can give it to vs code to talk to your server. You can also use it to start your server if it’s not running, but I’m not sure vs code is aware of the JupyterHub APIs to start and stop servers.

It seems that no company offers paid access to jupyterHub as a user. This is what i am looking for.

Have you thought about signing up for one of the public cloud providers and running your own virtual machine with Jupyter? If it’s just you using it you dfon’t need JupyterHub, you could just run JupyterLab and use port-forwarding over SSH.

Most cloud providers offer a free trial, and in some cases you may be able to run a machine for free for a year or more.