How to configure Jupyterhub to run code-server?

Do you have an example hub configuration to run single-user code-server instance? The only solution I found is not clear.

Is there any way to configure to select to launch Jupyterlab and/or code-server and/or R-Studio after the Jupyterhub login page?

As mentioned in nils-braun’s codehub project, using this, I can;

  • Let users choose between different “profiles” (e.g. resources, predefined images)
  • Customize user
  • Using a different authenticator, e.g. OAuth2 (e.g. via GitHub), LDAP, Active Directory.
  • Use HTTPS for encrypting the communication with the hub.
  • Automatically remove idle servers.

I really appreciate your help.

code-server should just work, for instance this repo let’s you run it on mybinder:

You can choose which interface users are directed to by setting Spawner.default_url, e.g. c.Spawner.default_url="/lab" will go to JupyterLab.

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You may consider using jupyter-server-proxy
I compiled and wrote plugins to run several apps within jupyterlab. Not all work well, but code-server does, though you may need to adapt it to your environment:

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