Out [ ] text misaligned

Since a few days ago, the Out [ ] text in my notebook is misaligned.
See picture below:


At first, I thought this was due to some extension messing up, so I created a new environment (I am on Conda on Windows) with just the notebook installed.
I even tried to completely uninstall Conda, deleting any all the Jupyter configuration folders I could find and reinstall fresh: no luck.
I also tried different browser (Firefox and Edge) but the problem is still there.

Inspecting the HTML elements, the “extra space” to the left of Out [2] seems to be caused by the “run_this_cell”

section being positioned before (to the left) of the “output_prompt” section instead of to the right like like in Input cells.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t bring me any closer to solving the problem.

Has anyone seen this issue before, and can point me to a way to solve it?
The issue is merely cosmetic (the notebook is perfectly functional) but I am a little OCD and would like to have this fixed somehow :slight_smile: