Notes from Breakout Sessions

Collect the various documents that we are using to keep notes under a topic




Here are the discussion notes.

  • Decisions made on support for Python and JupyterHub versions
  • Discussion about features to support
  • Ideas for better integration testing

Sharing Curated Notebooks and Environments

Batchspawner discussion

I have written up our proposals in the Batchspawner issue thread. Please feel free to comment in the thread, especially if you think I’ve gotten something wrong!

Datasets in JupyterLab

Discussion around proposed data browser and registry in JupyterLab based on Brian Granger’s slides.
This will provide a standard API for JupyterLab extensions to read datasets from different sources and mimetypes.
Please see:

Additional discussions around

  • API semantics (use of mimetypes to convey registry and handler info)
  • How to register datasets
  • Conversion api to transform datasets (similar to
  • support for metadata for a given dataset
  • support for comments and annotation for any object in the system

That looks great, and it looks like things have moved forward on some issues quite a bit in just the past week! Great seeing you and everyone else at the workshop!


We had a very productive discussion around security. Here is a link to the discussion notes:

Next Steps

We had a short breakout on Thursday about what we should do next. Here is an overview of our immediate plans in terms of community work:


Google Doc Notes:

Best Practices for Continuous Operations

Google Doc Notes: