Looking for feedback regarding joined abstract proposal for a conference

Dear Jupyter community,

I am part of the EU funded ESCAPE project (https://projectescape.eu/), mainly working on aggregating UI/UX for scientific data analysis across multiple stakeholders and institutions connecting computational resources. Many of those computational resources for data analysis come in the form of JupyterHub’s. So, in a very organic way, we have been converging into Jupyter as the final UI for the researchers and students working with ESPACE resources. And we, of course, want to outreach our history in conferences with the correct target audience and thematic (like 26th International Conference on Computing in High Energy & Nuclear Physics | Jefferson Lab). So, I have this very naive idea of asking: is there a way to find here a Jupyter “core member” (if such a thing exists) that we can communicate to present an abstract proposal and a possible joined presentation?

I hope this message makes sense, and thank you for your understanding and feedback,

Arturo Sánchez
ATLAS-CERN and LAPP researcher


Hi! This sounds very interesting! You’d be more than welcome to come along to a team meeting and chat more there :slight_smile: JupyterHub and BinderHub Team Meeting - HackMD

Hi @sgibson91,
Thank you very much for such positive feedback!

Yes, please, let me know if I can be tomorrow in your coming meeting.
Also, the next one in October is fine for me.


Yes of course! These are public meetings, anyone is welcome. Pick whichever time works for you! We alternate meeting times so tomorrow’s is US-friendly, and October’s is Asia-friendly :slight_smile:

Excellent! @sgibson91.

In this case (and if I understood well), I will add myself to the corresponding HackMD agenda. I am sure that 5min should be OK to present the proposal.

I will gather some feedback from my team, and if I am not able to get it done by tomorrow, I will be there in the next one.

Thanks again!

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