HPC-related Jupyter projects and repos

We’re starting this topic to capture / collect HPC-related Jupyter projects and resources. This is a broad topic and can include projects that work with JupyterHub (e.g. spawners that are commonly used in HPC contexts, services people find userful) or Jupyter notebook, JupyterLab, etc. (e.g. extensions that are commonly deployed for HPC users).

Feel free to contribute links to repos or projects that have to do with the intersection of Jupyter and HPC. Of course, if you have a new announcement of such a project, you can make a separate Discourse post about it! We encourage you to tag it with the “HPC” tag!

To start off, here are a few!:

  • batchspawner: A JupyterHub spawner for that is designed for installation on clusters using batch scheduling software (e.g. Slurm).
  • wrapspawner: Allows runtime configuration of JupyterHub spawners. The inspiration was to allow users to select from a range of pre-defined batch job profiles, but their operation is completely generic.
  • jupyter-slurm-provisioner: Enables a user to launch a Jupyter kernel as a Slurm job, and connect to the kernel from a notebook server running on an interactive / login node.
  • jupyter-lmod: Jupyter interactive notebook server extension that allows users to interact with environment modules before launching kernels. The extension use Lmod’s Python interface to accomplish module related task like loading, unloading, saving collection, etc.
  • jupyterhub-announcement: JupyterHub service for easily managing announcements that can appear on JupyterHub pages, helpful for communicating with users about downtime, maintenance, issues, etc.


We have made a Ansible playbook to deploy JupyterHub on HPC platforms. If the community is interested, we are happy to develop it into a more generic playbook.


Thanks for sharing.
How do we edit HPC settings?
I see json configurations, I need more control over HPC daemon, is there way ?

@Mahesh.Attarde Would you mind opening an issue over the repo on what exactly you would like to configure? We can discuss over there


Not strictly HPC-related but it started off from HPC:

  • Guix-Jupyter, a “meta kernel” in support of reproducible software deployment for notebooks, which uses GNU Guix under the hood.

Feedback welcome!