"No space left on device" error

I’ve been using mybinder with a rocker/binder4.2 project for several weeks with no problems. As of today when I try to run the binder on a new build of my GitHub project I’m getting an error that says “no space left on device” and the “failed to connect to event stream”. I can find lots of informatoin about how to solve this issue in Docker but not within mybinder. Is there something to add to my Dockerfile or something else I need to try? I’m a bit new to all of this so this is my first project on Binder/Docker so I could be missing something obvious

That one usually just means you need to try again at some later point. Sometimes it connects right away. Sometimes it takes some time.

The one about space is less common. Does it say anything else in that one? Unless you added a lot of extra content in your updated project, I think it may also be spurious. Try again later. However, did you notice the site among the Binder federation members where it launches from usually being different than where it launches now?

Among the rocker/binder ones, I was only able to find 4.1.2 just now (from launch button at top here or here) and that launched fine. I couldn’t find a repo with one for 4.2 even though I see the Dockerhub image with the 4.2 tag here last pushed a day ago.

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Hmmm. I guess it was just a temporary issue as it is now working and I didn’t change anything. My repo had actually gone down in size recently as I’m now hosting data remotely so I’m not sure what that message was but it appears to be fine now. Thanks.

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This is likely an issue with an unhealthy node that needs to clean out its image cache. This is supposed to happen automatically, but doesn’t always, or doesn’t always promptly. It will be a bit of luck of the draw for which node you will build on, so retrying will often get it going.

Thanks for reporting the issue, though! If you have info about which repo you were building and which federation member you launched on, that may help.

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I was using the rocker/binder4.2.0 I found here.

GESIS is all I’ve ever launched on. Are those the details you needed?

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Yes! That means @MridulS is probably the person who needs to see this.

Sorry for the delay! Does the problem still persists? I tried out https://github.com/mpeeples2008/ArchNetSci and seems to build and launch without any issue on GESIS.

Yes, the problem seems to have resolved on it’s own after half a day. I didn’t ever determine a cause but everything is working well now.

I believe this had to do with a problem in our build image cleaner, which wasn’t cleaning images properly for a while. A fix was deployed over the weekend.