Container engine initialization error

Hello. I am new to Binder. I started using it just today. I created a repository on Github and initially Binder was working perfectly. As I tried to change the URL to make Binder open a specific file in the repository (something that I, unfortunately, was not able to do), this error started occuring:
Container engine initialization error: (‘Check if docker is running on the host.’, DockerException(“Error while fecthing server API version: (‘Connection aborted.’, BlockingIOError (11, ‘Resource temporarily unavailable’))”))
I tried deleting the alterations I made to the repo URL, in order to return to the original URL, but the same error started occuring. Now, nothing is working. I looked through the documents and through this forum to see if there was a reference to this error, but I didn’t find anything.
Note that I am a beginner with Binder, so maybe I will not understand what you say right off the start.
Thank you for all and any help.

It sounds like it may just be a temporary error in the network or system.

However, because everything has to be public for things to work, it’s usually easy and best to link to the repo under discussion. Then someone else can try it and see what they note.

Since it was working at some point that you note, it may be good to also point at the commit that had been working when you reply. The MyBinder service offers a way to launch a specific commit. Since the image that launched was already in the system, it should launch that. For future diagnosing of issues it would probably help you to try that. In this case, suppose if you had tried that and it didn’t launch again, it would have indicated it is definitely something beyond your control, and had saved you fruitless time trying to remove additions. Usually temporary hiccups like that get worked out with some time (can be on the order of hours) as the network/communication errors fall away or bad pods get deleted.

Also if you’d like advice in regards to:

"As I tried to change the URL to make Binder open a specific file in the repository "

You should include the name of the file you are trying to open. I assume it is a notebook?

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Thank you very much for your answer! Yes, I guess it was just a temporary system error. It is working once again.

Yes yes, it is a notebook. I wasn’t doing it properly. Now it is working. However I have one other question: how can I change the interface to a Jupyter notebook that the reader cannot edit the markdown cells? Is it possible to do that?

I think you are looking for how to view the notebook as an app or dashboard?
Do you just want the code to run and they cannot edit or interact with things other than what you allow? You can use a notebook as the basis but serve it to users as a different rendered view in Voila. The underlying code runs and is fully interactive (if done right), but they cannot edit it. For an example, click here for Voila rendering vs. notebook here.

Fancier more interactive version in Voila of one here (but no markdown there) vs. notebook version here.

There’s also appmode that allows use of markdown in an app/dashboard style. It has some features similar to Voila but has less of a learning curve. That easier learning comes at a cost though in that it isn’t updated in the last two years and so may not enable taking advantage of newer features fully.

If you just want static representations of the notebooks that can’t be edited, nbviewer is the key. You can point it at any notebook on the web and get a ‘static’ view. I put that in quotes because some things can remain interactive, such as this example with plotly plots. Note how you can rotate and zoom in out out of the plots still. (Note that GitHub’s recently improved preview mode fails to do that, see here for comparison.) But you cannot actively run anything that needs a kernel to run. The URL you get can be shared because you are really just pointing the nbviewer service at a notebook at URL.

Related to this, there’s also notebook{sharing}.space that has a lot of features but is private by default. It is not limited to .ipynb notebooks at will share R (.rmd , .html ) notebooks, too.

Hello my friend. I am sorry for the late response. I hope it is not too late for you to answer me…
I am trying to find a way in which the user cannot edit the markdown cells and can only insert input values in the code, not change the code itself.
Also, I am also trying to find a way in which the input values of a certain user is not seen by another user, being visible just for the user that input those values in the first place. Is that possible as well?
I am not sure if it is my connection, but I can’t seem to open the links you sent me.
But I will check out the Voila rendering… Thank you very much.

But does nbviewer allow inputs? If so, that would be very helpful.

Not if linked to Python. Javascript often works in nbviewer.

It definitely seems like you want Voila where there’s lall kinds of different input widgets you can use, see ipywidgets widgets list. Through the input widgets you can control the input via Python and then process it via Python to do what you want and produce whatever form of output you need. Check the Voila Gallery to get some ideas from the examples there.