No provider for: jupyter.extensions.jupyterWidgetRegistry with ipycytoscape

I checked the that come up when searching for “jupyter.extensions.jupyterWidgetRegistry”. In them it was noticed that ipycytoscape shows an error in the console. I still get that:

Plugin ‘jupyter-cytoscape:plugin’ failed to activate. index.es6.js:288:24 (webpack://jupyterlab/application-top/node_modules/@lumino/application/dist/index.es6.js)

Error: No provider for: jupyter.extensions.jupyterWidgetRegistry.

I have a familiar situation: A token seems to be there with the correct name, but maybe the objects aren’t identical:

The installed ipycytoscape version seems to do everything right as far as I can tell. The package.json contains the right sharedPackages configuration:

  "jupyterlab": {
    "extension": "lib/plugin",
    "outputDir": "ipycytoscape/labextension",
    "sharedPackages": {
      "@jupyter-widgets/base": {
        "bundled": false,
        "singleton": true
    "_build": {
      "load": "static/remoteEntry.2edd27395962e9aef453.js",
      "extension": "./extension"
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Is it with a specific version of ipwydgets or JupyterLab?