Using yfiles_jupyter_graphs on custom app

Hello, I am using app example. I wanted to use the yfiles-jupyter-graphs plugin but sadly it gives me this output;

Whenever I try to run the first cell, I get the error: Exception opening new comm.

The first error happened while I try to add extension manager to plugin, I thought it might help.
When I try ‘jupyter-lab’, I can actually see the widget but I can’t see in this scenario.

I also tried doing something like jupyter labextension install yfiles_jupyter_graphs, it said that package is not a valid npm package.

Hi ragokan,

I’ve never seen this exception before, and the stack itself doesn’t ring a bell for me.

However, we’ve recently updated yfiles-jupyter-graphs (v1.4.2) which also added support for ipywidgets 8 and made the plugin accessible through CDNs such that it now works in VSCode and Google Colaboratory notebooks, for example.

So maybe give v1.4.2 a try now.

Other than that, yfiles-jupyter-graphs cannot be installed with jupyter labextension install because the widget is a ‘prebuilt extension’ (in contrast to ‘source extensions’), so it can only be installed with pip and so does not require a recompilation of JupyterLab.

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