Newbie Jupyter Server Proxy extensions base URL

Hi Folks,

I’m new to the Jupyter ecosystem but am impressed with what this community has achieved.

I’m trying to integrate another open source software called H2O LLM Studio into the Hub. And right now for testing purposes only testing the Jupyter Server proxy with Jupyter LAB notebook server.

I created an extension package following the instructions on
The extension can be seen here.
GitHub - bijucyborg/jupyter_h2o-llm-studio_proxy: jupyter server proxy for h2o llm studio

Now when the application opens at the index.html page opens but then the JS and CSS components are not found (404).
The index.html has relative paths referenced

And yet instead of opening at the file is referenced at

Setting the base path is also creating similar behaviour.

What could I be doing wrong?? Any tips would be highly appreciated.


Ok I made progress by using
“absolute_url”: True,
and the base URL for the application.

But now for some reason the websocket connection is not loading any contents.

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So I compared the pgweb extension against mine and found no difference. Primarily because I copied most of the code.

PGWEB extension works super fine while none of my extensions work because of the issue described above w.r.t the paths.

So i dug deeper and found that the pgweb web application references assets
script type=“text/javascript” src=“static/js/ace.js”

whereas the application that does not load does it like this
script defer=“defer” src=“/static/js/main.39061e83.js”

Is there any way to make the proxy append the path to the entrypoint path always?

You’ll need to fix your app to either return relative paths, or to include a configurable /<prefix>/ in it’s paths. Maybe it’s already supported and it’s a matter of finding out where it’s configured? Otherwise you’ll probably need to talk to the developer, or perhaps submit a PR for that app?

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Thanks for the response and suggestion. Yes I’m in touch with the developer of one app which does allow base path to be set and yet im facing challenges.

I was trying to create a workbench of different tools and this will not work now since most applications I need have fixed paths.

Thanks again and wish you a nice day.