Jupyter-server-proxy not working in tljh

Folks, is there a simple way to debug jupyter-server-proxy? I have a https enabled front end server, and i am trying to proxy to a python -m http.server. I installed jupyter-server-proxy. When i go to https://tljh.univ.ai/user/tljhadmin/proxy/8000, i get a 404 not found. I am expecting it to proxy to my other “http.server”

I get a 404 not found, but want to know if it is even trying to proxy
the logs show
Jul 10 16:30:46 tljh python3[6368]: [I 2020-07-10 16:30:46.313 JupyterHub log:174] 302 GET /hub/user/tljhadmin/proxy/8000 -> /user/tljhadmin/proxy/8000?redirects=1 (tljhadmin@ 4.25ms

I was under the impression that i dont have to register this service with tljh, just run it. Am i wrong? Anyone encountered this?

Is the proxied item showing up in the New menu item on the notebook listing page? Did you try restarting the server?