New versions for Helm, 2.0.0 issues

Hello, are there any plans on further updating the JupyterHub helm chart? At the moment the last version that works for me is 1.2.0 and version 2.0.0 has some issues with the user-scheduler because v1beta3 has been deprecated. Here is the logged error from the user-scheduler pod:

no kind “KubeSchedulerConfiguration” is registered for version “” in scheme “

Will there be a new chart soon running JH 4.0.0?

At the moment bitnami has an up-to-date JupyterHub helm chart. Do you recommend using it?

Thank you!

We are working on a 3.0 release with JupyterHub 4.0. There are a few upstream issues to resolve in various components so everything is up to date, then we will release.