New JupyterHub install, no option to create an "R" notebook? Only Python 3

We have had a jupyterhub install running for quite some time now. But it’s a bit old, and before updating it I decided to create a second jupyterhub development server for testing.

Everything has gone great with one exception. (and the install of jupyterhub is pretty easy). When a user logs in, and clicks the “new” tab (for a new notebook), “R” is not listed. I am a bit confused becaue I do not recall doing anything special to allow “R” notebooks to be created on the first server I set up.

The users only see “Python 3 (ipykernel)” as the only notebook option.

Clearly, I’m missing something in my install on the server but do not know what- and it’s probably something simple.

I have “R” installed of course with all the R packages installed as well.

I appreciate any insight on my silly issue! Thanks all.

Old sever

2022-08-02 11_56_03-Home Page - Select or create a notebook

New server

2022-08-02 11_56_30-Home Page - Select or create a notebook

Answered my own question, eventually. I needed the “IRkernel” package not only installed but configured. I somehoww neglected to write this in my old notes from the first install.

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