Multiple JupyterHub and singleuser Notebook/JupyterLab on the same home directory


I’m doing a migration of JupyterHub 1.5.0 + Notebook 6.2.0, in one environment, to JupyterHub 3.0.0 + JupyterLab 4.0.2 in another environment (a container) but with home directories shared between the two environments, and intend to let them both run at the same time for a short period (like a week).
I’ve noticed that at least ~/.local/share/jupyter/nbsignatures.db is used by both instances. Could this cause any issue? Are there other files that risk to be used by both instances and cause issues?

Guillaume Knispel

The signatures database is very unlikely to be an issue. More likely is the files themselves, as there is no coordination of editing or open files (just like editing text files from multiple editors). For the most part, there shouldn’t be more issues beyond having the possibility of multiple editors open for the same files.

Thanks ! For reference: I warned users to not use both at the same time, and everything indeed went fine (with a few users, and this setup during 1 week)