Unwanted shared state when running JupyterLab on JupyterHub with multiple users

Not sure if the issue is a configuration problem on my side or a bug. I couldn’t find anything mentioned in the docs/forums/issues.

Anyway, I installed jupyterlab on a server that has been running jupyterhub for quite some time now and noticed that any changes made by user “A” in jupyterlab (e.g. changing theme to dark), will persist when user “B” will log in later on. This is also true for open tabs, and perhaps other cases I have yet to discover.

It should be noted that the kernels are isolated by user as expected and for each user, kernels are started under the single-user process.

Can anyone perhaps point me to how I may go about solving this?

Ok, I think I figured it out.

Basically the setup is a multiuser one, but the actual linux user is single. It seems that the configuration is saved on a per linux user basis (@{USER}) and not on a hub user basis which makes everyone share the same config.