Problems with JupyterHub RTC

Hey everyone,
Was recently trying to setup a JupyterLab+JupyterHub setup to build a small Jupyter shared environment for a college project. I have so far managed to get the JupyterHub set-up completed and have no issues with connection to the kernel(that I know of). However, I am having an issue with the RTC settings, these are the things that I have done with regards to the RTC so far:
-Created a shared folder and assigned the most lax access controls (for testing and debugging purposes).
-Changed the “collaborative” settings inside
-Tried to set the “collaborative” arguments in the
The problems that I have been facing with this setup is:
-Unable to save the ipynb file (Flags permission issues)
-Unable to open the ipynb file from another user (Flags that the file is not a valid json).
Been racking my brains for the last 2 days trying to solve these issues hence would appreciate if any kind soul could lend me a hand.
Do let me know if the logfiles or configuration files are needed for further troubleshooting.
Thanks, Jay

There’s already a thread on JupyterHub RTC: