Jupyter 4.0.1 - Unable to access filesystem outside of home directory/notebook directory

I’ve been using jupyterhub for a few years now. I’ve recently tried updating to 4.0.1 but it no longer seems to honor my Spawner.default_url and Spawner.notebook_dir. My system uses the base local single user spawner along with NativeAuthenticator. As of 4.0.1, I’m always locked within the home dir of the user which is not desirable as i have group dirs for users to share behind their home dirs. When I downgrade back to jupyterhub 3.1.1, I can move around as needed

I’ve also even tried this article Troubleshooting — JupyterHub documentation. This doesn’t appear to work at all as the redirects dup the users homedir path in the url

Try setting c.Spawner.args=['--ContentsManager.root_dir=<dir_where_you_want_to_start_jlab>']. Seems like there was a similar question here

Thank you so much. ContentsManager.root_dir did work. i had started down that path doing c.Spawner.args=[‘–notebook_dir=…’] which was clearly wrong.

on a side note where does this,ContentsManager, come from? A search on the documentation doesn’t yield anything… Search - JupyterHub documentation

That is from jupyter-server config. I am not quite sure if the behavior change is due to implementing single-user server as a jupyter extension or some change on jupyter-server side.

Anyways, it is worth documenting on the JupyterHub website. I will put up a PR on that.