JupyterLab doesn't list contents of c.Spawner.notebook_dir


I am setting up a JupyterHub server on a computer and wanted to have the home directory set as their notebook directory so that JupyterLab would list their home when it starts. The problem is that only my directory is listed correctly. When I log into someone else’s account nothing shows up and I get an error 500 in the browser console. They can still create the files but they won’t show up.

I tried to look if any errors were showing on the log by entering sudo journalctl -u jupyterhub but I didn’t find anything. The home folders of the other users have the same permissions as mine and I changed the c.Spawner.notebook_dir of the jupyterhub_config.py to /home/{username}. Setting it to its default value also causes the same error.

How do I fix this?

Which spawners do you use?

Hi, I used all the steps from this tutorial:

I just made a service using jupyterhub, but I don’t know how it makes the spawners.

So, I think I found the error, I made a share folder in one of the accounts and create symlinks to all of the other user directories. This was giving me a “too many symbolic links” in the debug log.

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