Love Jupyter, built AI based product to clean messy notebooks, auto-document, AI autocomplete & free form user code gen!

Hello JupyterLab community. I’m the founder of

I love notebooks but often found myself dealing with extremely messy notebooks that were hard to organize. I always felt there was a better way and it turns out I had to wait for large neural networks to get really good at code generation. We created this product to help clean-up Jupyter notebooks and generally move faster while maintaining a certain level of quality. Here’s a little preview of what we can do for you.

Our main offerings are

  • Automatically clean Jupyter notebooks with AI
  • AI autocomplete
  • Documentation & Type Inference
  • Code generation from user prompts

This product is completely FREE for individuals and discounted for startups & small companies.

We love Jupyter and look forward to hearing from you on our Discord, or via email ( Ideas, suggestions, and feedback are very welcome.

To install simply signup on our website and run these commands:

  • pip install jupyterlab_mutableai
  • jupyterlab_mutableai --api_key <LOGIN TO GET KEY>

You should now see our extension activated in Jupyter Lab (not currently available for Jupyter classic).

Thank you!

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