Pieces for Developers | AI-Enabled Developer Workflow Assistant

Hey Jupyter Community :wave:

Our entire team at Pieces is excited to showcase the Pieces for Developers JupyterLab Extension.

:star2: Overview of Pieces for Developers

  • Centralized Code Storage Agent: Efficiently organize and access your code snippets and notes.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Seamlessly functional on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • World-Class Privacy and Security: Ensuring data integrity with SOC 2 Compliance.

:hammer_and_wrench: Core Features:

  • Persisted Copilot: Offers contextual assistance, streamlining your coding process.

  • LLM Utilization: Utilizes Large Language Models to provide sophisticated code support.

  • Minimized Context Switching: Integrates various development tools to enhance productivity.

  • Quick Onboarding: Helps new team members rapidly access shared resources and knowledge.

  • Team Collaboration: Enhances collaborative efforts in coding projects.

:lock: Air-Gapped Development with Local LLMs

  • Local LLM Support: Operate in a fully secure, air-gapped environment using Local LLMs like Llama2.

  • Soon-to-Arrive - Mistral: Anticipate the integration of Mistral for advanced air-gapped development.

:movie_camera: Getting Started With Our Extension

Don’t forget to check out our lead JupyterLab developer, Caleb, who created a video that walks you through the entire extension and all of its features. It’s the perfect way to get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDs_JbTbzFU

:open_book: Discover More About Pieces for Developers:

If this is the first time hearing about Pieces for Developers, we encourage you to try our extension, join our community, contribute to our open-source projects, and more. For detailed information, visit our documentation: Pieces for Developers JupyterLab Extension Docs.

We look forward to your thoughts, feedback, and contributions. Engage with us on GitHub or our Discord server to help improve the JupyterLab development experience.

Happy Coding!