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How can we make open-source tools reach a larger audience and have a bigger impact on our society?

Localization is not the only way but it is a necessary step in every project for it to reach different communities and allow them to cross the language barriers. This in turn provides a way for a more diverse and inclusive group of users to become contributors. On behalf of the JupyterLab dev team, I am super happy to announce that the upcoming version JupyterLab (3.x) added localization support for JLab and extensions!

We need your help to make it available in your favorite language.

To help in this we are crowdsourcing this effort via the Crowdin Platform.

We will be publishing examples, documentation, and How-To-Guides in the upcoming weeks leading to JupyterCon, but in the meantime, you can already start helping the project!

We have so far received contributions for German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Armenian, and Czech.

I know FairOSS is trying to do some work around being able to fund efforts like this, so check it out as well :slight_smile: .


Gonzalo, thanks for your work on this!

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It’s time to contribute! Thanks!

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Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

Thanks, Germán! feel free to ping me for questions!

Spanish takes the lead and Polish jumps to 2nd place after a big effort, French is relegated to the 3rd place. New languages join@ProjectJupyter. The @JupyterCon crowd goes wild!

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Polish is now in the first place, leaving Spanish and pt_BR biting the dust!

Oooh fun! Is there a public leaderboard of who has contributed the most?

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Yeah, it is possible to see! Crowdin has a “reports” section.

Simplified Chinese is almost complete!

Thanks to all the awesome volunteers that made this happen :slight_smile:

I will be building simplified chinese language packs this week, any volunteers that would like to give us a hand in checking strings that may still be missing?


More an more users keep joining :), over 200 are now helping!

Languages keep growing, but we need your help to make things happen