ChatGPT + Jupyter: coding assistant extension

Hi fellow Jupyter enthusiasts,

I want to share a browser extension that I have been working on as a hobby project over the holidays. This extension is designed to help programmers get assistance with their code directly from within their Jupyter Notebooks, through ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has its flaws; however, I’ve noticed that for mundane tasks it can be quite a big productivity boost (similar to Github CoPilot). So to make that a little easier in Jupyter Notebooks, I wrote this simple browser extension that provides buttons in a Jupyter Notebook to auto-format a cell, explain a cell, explain the errors in a cell, and auto-complete a cell.

I use it myself and think it is pretty convenient, so others might find it useful too.

You can find an early version here:



Thanks for sharing!
See also jupytee by @fperez, which I think implements something similar but using IPython magics:


Adding ChatGPT to notebooks could be really interesting for conversationally co-creating notebook trasnscripts with an LLM.

I haven’t yet had a chance to play with that extension, but I also note GitHub - jflam/chat-gpt-jupyter-extension: A browser extension that lets you chat with ChatGPT from any local Jupyter notebook. (which I also haven’t had a chance to play with yet). There may also be others, perhaps that explore slightly different interaction styles. It will be interesting to see if/how this space evolves over the next fe weeks, and what sort of issues or user interaction insights each extension encounters in actual use.


Linking to a new proposal that we are currently discussing: