Left Side Of Cell Overlapping Text Upon Startup


For a while now, when I open up a notebook, about 75% of the time the left hand side of the cell overlaps with the text. I’ve included some pictures in attached image “jupyter_cell_overlap_images.png”.

Img 1: Shows one time of overlap
Img 2: A different type of overlap
Img 3: If I refresh the page maybe 7-10 times, eventually I’ll get something where I can read the text and it will then go to it’s proper place after I run it (see difference between the first cell and second in.

If this has been posted about please let me know, it’s hard to find keywords to describe and differentiate it from people having issues with chart overlaps. Also, happy to post elsewhere in a more appropriate forum.

List of software stack and versions below.

Thanks for your help!

Browser: Firefox 66.0.3
OS: macOS: 10.12.6
Jupyter Notebook: 1.0.0-py27_7 (updated today)

AutoSaveTime: 4.x
Navigation Hotkeys: 4.x
Codefolding: 4.x
Freeze: 4.x
Nbextensions dashboard tab: 4.x
Runtools: 4.x
contrib_nbextensions_help_item: 4.x
ExecuteTime: 4.x
Initialization cells: 4.x
Nbextensions edit menu item: 4.x
Skip-Traceback: 4.x
Code Font Size: 4.x
Datestamper: 4.x


My guess is that it is some HTML/CSS trickery that happens in one of the extensions. Unfortunately no idea which one could be the culprit :frowning: Have you tried narrowing it down? I’d start with disabling half the extensions you have, check if it still happens, if yes disable half of the still active ones, if no enable the other half. Kind of like a binary search. What could be tricky is that it only happens if two (or more) extensions are active at the same time :-/

Thanks betatim.

I had actually started to try this, and thought I had found the culprit, but then I refreshed it again to double check and the problem reemerged. That led me to believe (probably prematurely) that it was not one of the extensions. However, I hadn’t thought of it being a conflict of two or more. I’ll try what you said and report back!