My chart is overlapping

Hi there!

I am new here, also starting to use jupyter notebook to analyse data, and I come across a problem when drawing my chart. I have a csv file in which the 1st column in Date, and when plotting the chart the x-axix overlaps so I have 10th of march on the same place as 1st of march. Please can you help on this?


hey there!

this sounds like it may be a challenge with one of the plotting libraries that you’re using, as opposed to Jupyter specifically. You could post the name of the library that’s being used and folks might be able to help, though note that this forum tends to focus around Jupyter tech as opposed to the libraries that you use within Jupyter tech.

Also, putting the code into a gist would not hurt (convert the notebook to *.md for that).

Thanks for the reply, here is my code:
import pandas as pd
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
dbnode_mar19 = pd.read_csv(‘dbnode_mar19.csv’)
plt.plot(dbnode_mar19.Date, dbnode_mar19.CPU_pct)