Launch Attempt Failed

I have tried an environment.yml and four different variations on a requirements.txt file, but my jupyter lab still works intermittently. I got the binder to work yesterday one time, and it started giving me a “launch attempt failed” error. the rest of the night. Today, it worked one time and has done it since, despite me attempting to tweak my requirements.txt file. Since it worked once, is it something I’m doing wrong or is there something going on with I’m very new and I’m just trying to share my jupyternotebook as an interactive app.

There were some outages among the (donated) federated clusters: you can check in here: status — Binder 0.1b documentation

It looks like they are all back up now.

As a quick fix, if the problem returns, you add check the status page the name of a provider that is “green” to the front of the URL, e.g.