Binder hang at launching

We recently adopted a binder for a modeling clinic session. For the last two days, we have been experiencing issues launching the binder notebook.
Started container notebook
Spawn failed: Timeout
Launch attempt 2 failed, retrying…

You’ve created a start file

But it doesn’t run anything. It needs to end with exec "$@" or equivalent, see the docs

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Thanks for catching that (maybe the log could be more informative). After fixing this, we got a different error?

404 : Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!

The problem was resolved; the file path was incorrect. However, the documentation and UI are confusing as well. I now point to the head to avoid confusion.

You posted the link above in your original post in this thread as:

That gives you a 404 because your environment.yml messes up JupyterLab and so it is present.
Notice the Binder conda example’s environment.yml here doesn’t include Jupyterlab.

So you can use the following links to use Jupyter Notebook instead:



Either of those will work. Notice HEAD vs. main doesn’t matter despite what you imply in your last post where that quote is from and you say the problem is resolved. (Or may you meant to say you point to root/default/no notebook which was what the link for the launch badge you had in the README of the repo was set to do?)
The big thing is that labpath in your original URL has been replaced by filepath, as discussed here.

Alternatively, or if you prefer JupyterLab as the interface (or because this was closer to the original URL you posted in this thread)

I haven’t test it yet, but I suspect if you remove JupyterLab from your environment.yml file and let MyBinder infrastructure handle JupyterLab installation by default as it wants to, the original link you posted that uses labpath will work again to go directly to the notebook.
The only reason it didn’t work with the labpath-involved URL before is because you messed up the JupyterLab that MyBinder infrastructure wanted to include.
And so the UI makes a correct link if examples are adhered to closely.

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