First-time user, unable to launch "Jupyter4Kids" binder

Hello, I’ve just discovered Binder and I’m trying to learn how to use it. I found Binder repositories from the community — Binder 0.1b documentation, which links to “Numerical Computing is Fun - an interactive textbook for kids” here: Binder

But when I follow that link, it does not appear to work. Each launch attempt spins for 5 minutes on the “Pulling image” step, and then gives up:

Found built image, launching...
Launching server...
Server requested
2023-05-01T22:49:48.240258Z [Normal] Successfully assigned ovh2/jupyter-mikkokotila-2djupyter4kids-2dedc0wz0h to user-202211a-node-b75ff7
2023-05-01T22:49:49Z [Normal] Container image "jupyterhub/" already present on machine
2023-05-01T22:49:49Z [Normal] Created container tc-init
2023-05-01T22:49:49Z [Normal] Started container tc-init
2023-05-01T22:49:50Z [Normal] Pulling image ""
Launch attempt 1 failed, retrying...
Server requested
2023-05-01T22:54:45.889014Z [Normal] Successfully assigned ovh2/jupyter-mikkokotila-2djupyter4kids-2doal4zyhv to user-202211a-node-dcd1ba
2023-05-01T22:54:46Z [Normal] Container image "jupyterhub/" already present on machine
2023-05-01T22:54:46Z [Normal] Created container tc-init
2023-05-01T22:54:47Z [Normal] Started container tc-init
2023-05-01T22:54:47Z [Normal] Pulling image ""
Launch attempt 2 failed, retrying...
Server requested
2023-05-01T23:04:54.257295Z [Normal] Successfully assigned ovh2/jupyter-mikkokotila-2djupyter4kids-2df86m01jx to user-202211a-node-3126ee
2023-05-01T23:04:55Z [Normal] Container image "jupyterhub/" already present on machine
2023-05-01T23:04:55Z [Normal] Created container tc-init
2023-05-01T23:04:55Z [Normal] Started container tc-init
2023-05-01T23:04:55Z [Normal] Pulling image ""

As a complete newbie, I don’t know whether I’m doing something wrong, or something’s wrong with mybinder . org, or something’s wrong with this particular binder, or whether this is somehow normal.

Any advice?

Unfortunately, as detailed here, it is rocky time in the MyBInder world as the group that provided the largest share of computational resources is no longer a member as of a few days ago. This has left things turbulent.

I quickly examined all the notebooks in the series, and the first one there and from what I quickly gleaned from the next three, they could be easily converted to run in JupyterLite. That wouldn’t involve a remote machine running via MyBinder and just needs a static way to serve ‘static’ files. The Python gets run inside the client browser via web assembly. Since it is ‘static’ files getting served you can even host JupyterLite on GitHub using Github Pages. I’d be glad to help try that if the license involved is permissive in that regard?

If you wanted to continue to use it via MyBinder now, while things are being sorted in this turbulent time, the workaround outlined here should allow you to launch it. Substitute in in place of that repo. It isn’t conducive to easily sharing that way though as it requires additional steps.