Jupyterlab python3 package dependencies

Hello All,

I’m Sandeep, a Yocto Project developer at AMD, We are upgrading Yocto meta-jupyter layer GitHub - Xilinx/meta-jupyter at rel-v2022.2 from Yocto honister to langdale release.

We would like know what is the recommended version of Jupyterlab and Jupyter we should be using.

Currently we are using Jupyterlab 3.4.5 recipes for our development and we have hard time find all the pyhton3 dependencies.

If someone from community can help me where I can find the list of python3 packages dependencies for Jupyterlab to compile from source that would be great help.


Which dependencies you are talking about? We are using 3.2.4 and all dependencies are okay for now, the latest stable is 3.5.1 which is close to your version, could you elaborate more?

I’m looking for python3 package dependencies,

For example jupyter console. meta-jupyter/python3-jupyter-console_6.1.0.bb at 002d9889aab5d28f05f152d228445dbee753a994 · Xilinx/meta-jupyter · GitHub

Even If we move to Jupyterlab 3.5.1 which file in source code provides list of dependency pakcages.