JupyterLab cannot look within OneDrive folder

Hi all,

Jupyter is really great, thanks to all the people involved. JupyterLab (conda 4.10.3, anaconda Command line client (version 1.7.2)) is capable of looking within my workstation (MAC) but it cannot look within the OneDrive folder. JupyterLab finds OneDrive folder but that’s the end. If I provide the complete path I can import the file from OneDrive but I need to navigate using the left side folder navigator (which it’s frustrating). Do I need to give some sort of permission to Jupyter to access the cloud folder? Sorry, I am far from being an informatician.

Thanks a lot, great job!!

Please see this post and the rest of the thread.

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Hi fomightez,

Thanks, yes I wrote in that thread, but my problem is different, Jupyter’s autocompleting does not work within OneDrive. Anyways, it doesn’t matter, I have already found a homemade solution.