JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook Port Conflict Between Windows and Linux

In my setup, I have JupyterLab running on http://localhost:8859/doc and Jupyter Notebook on http://localhost:8858/notebooks/new_proj. On Windows, both services use the same port (8858), but on Linux, they require different ports (8858 for Jupyter Notebook and 8859 for JupyterLab) to function properly. How can I resolve this issue?

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Please avoid cross-posting without linking all the cross-posts in each location. That way those trying to help you can see what others have said and not end up wasting time saying the same thing someone posted elsewhere. This practice also helps to avoid information silos. You can imagine a duplicate post in one location receving a valid solution; however, others finding the original post in another location may not know about that information because there is no reference to the post with a good solution.

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