Can't open Jupyter-lab in browser

I used jupyter-lab for months, but suddenly after a internet disconnection, I cannot open it in the browser.

The terminal command `jupyer-lab --allow-root’ functions normally, but I just can’t open http://localhost:8888/lab in the browser.

Did any one encounter similar issues?

Can you explain exactly what is or isn’t happening? What do you see when pasting the URL in the browser? How are you starting Jupyter Lab? Is there any error in the console when starting? Usually if I run “jupyter lab” via the command line (I’m on Linux and inside a python virtual env’t) then it starts up with lots of console messages and opens a browser window automatically. Is this what happens for you?

Btw, allow-root is strongly NOT recommended.

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I encountered the same problem a couple day after (May 17th), when restarting the PC for a windows update: I launch jupyter Notebook 6.0.3 from anaconda 3, the prompt shows all the typical information, but when I try to open the browser page it says the connection to the server has been stopped during the page loading.

As a workaround, if you start a SECOND jupyter istance, it finds the port 8888 to be in use (by the first istance) and then use the port 8889: //localhost:8889 can then be opened in the browser.

Sorry, I forgot the close this issue. I solved this issue after switching to another port.

The same with me.I am able to open my Jupyter-lab after switching to a different port.