JupyterHub v0.8 GA release

Happy New Year, everyone! Please educate me on the planned / target time for the subject. Also, if known, please share info on v0.9 GA release time frame. Thanks!

Hey! I’d recommend checking out the github issue we have about this, where more updates will likely go!

(also just a note, I believe you are talking about v0.8 of the JupyterHub helm chart, which is not v0.8 of jupyterhub (the python-based application)

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Hey, Chris! Thank you for pointing me to the right issue.

(Yes, you are correct - I’m talking about the JupyterHub Helm chart. BTW, is there somewhere a mapping table that describes which versions/releases of JupyterHub Helm chart’s components - such as JupyterHub application - correspond to which versions/releases of the Helm chart? If not, I suggest including that info in z2jh documentation.)

Hmmm… That is a great question… Not that I know of! I agree w you. Maybe open an issue? (I would but am on my phone)

Done: https://github.com/jupyterhub/zero-to-jupyterhub-k8s/issues/1094.

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