JupyterHub on Kubernetes Update: https no longer working

Hi all,
I had a perfectly good installation of JupyterHub up and running, but it was version 1.1.0 using helm chart version 0.9.1. In an attempt to update the installation, I moved to version 1.4.2 on helm chart 1.1.3. Installation all seemed to go alright except that it has broken https through the proxy. One other complicating factor is that I simultaneously upgraded from helm2 to helm3 on this installation.

I’m now getting a ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when I attempt to reach the site. Is there anything obvious that might have caused this, or is it likely something more obscure?

There was a breaking change to the https configuration in 0.10.0:

Anyone relying on configuration in the proxy.https section are now explicitly required to set proxy.https.enabled to true .

It’ll be worth checking through any breaking changes in subsequent releases too.

Starting with 1.0.0 Z2JH switched to semver so no breaking changes will occur until 2.0.0 which will hopefully make it easier for you.

Thanks for that info. I caught that in the changelog and made the change in my config file, but perhaps it’s caused by something else. I’ll look over the other breaking changes in the doc you linked and make sure I didn’t miss anything else.