JupyterHub installation error, while running command: 'sudo /opt/jupyterhub/bin/jupyterhub --generate-config`

Hi All,

I’m new to JupyterHub and trying to install it on my VM. I’m following the instructions as mentioned on the page “Install JupyterHub and JupyterLab from the ground up — JupyterHub 1.3.0 documentation”. As mentioned at “Create the configuration for JupyterHub” i’m running the command to generate the default configuration file:

sudo /opt/jupyterhub/bin/jupyterhub --generate-config

But i’m getting the error “commnad not found”. Please help, I’m stuck in the middle of the installation.


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I’m running into the same issue as you isuryadilip. The StackOverflow instructions to activate the environment didn’t change my error. Did it help for you?

Thanks kindly!

Does /opt/jupyterhub/bin/jupyterhub exist? You might check where it’s been installed with which jupyterhub.