JupyterHub 3.1.1

We’ve just released JupyterHub 3.1.1. This is a tiny bugfix on top of JupyterHub 3.1.0, adding compatibility with the recently released sqlalchemy 2.0. If you encounter any issues, you should be able to update jupyterhub to 3.1.1 and/or pin sqlalchemy<2 if you’re not ready to update jupyterhub.


Nice! There’s also a PR in for The Littlest JupyterHub to assist with this sqlalchemy issue: Ensure SQLAlchemy 1.x used for hub by pnasrat · Pull Request #848 · jupyterhub/the-littlest-jupyterhub · GitHub.

As tljh is using a much earlier JupyterHub "jupyterhub==1.*" the pinning would still be needed there (unless a 1.x release with a backport of the sqlalchemy 2.0 support is planned).

There seems to be another issue around upgrading the jupyterhub used by tljh here Support for JupyterHub 2.0 · Issue #818 · jupyterhub/the-littlest-jupyterhub · GitHub

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We need to fix the CI test suite first:

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It’s getting off topic for here, but if help would be appreciated I can dedicate some time to, maybe getting running using nektos/act - I’ll follow up on the CI issue