Jupyter to PDF and PDF to Jupyter

I have been dealing with PDF files for a long time. I create PDF files almost on a daily basis as a part of my job. What a pain! Again, extracting data out of PDF files is equally painful. Therefore, I am building a new product that let’s you extract data from PDF files in ONE api call or create PDF files at mass scale within minutes. The idea is to keep you focused on your problem at hand rather than distracting to deal with PDF nuisance.

So far, all people I have talked to shared similar painpoints I mentioned. What features would you benefit from in PDF data extraction and while creating PDF files?

I have created this google form survey. Please share yout inputs and features requests. If you are willing, I will invite you to become beta participant once features are ready .

Link to google survey - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1v2Hqo99SvBk8wwsLvwTLlSCD07q5RedfuF524tg6hPw/edit

Note to mods: This is not a spam but a genuine user feature request form.